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Summer Capsule Collection

Talking to Yourself: INLY Capsule Collection

Ukrainian brand INLY presented a new capsule collection. It has become a reflection of the brand designer Inna Grytsyk on all the events that we live in today.

“Starting from February 24, each of us has changed a lot and in order to understand how to act and live on, you just had to talk honestly with yourself,” says the designer. “Today it is important to understand what gives strength and inspires, and what causes fear and does not allow us to move forward. We tried to reflect these feelings and thoughts, including visually, in the advertising campaign for the collection. Its main character seems to be behind glass, on the other side, and an impossibly beautiful Ukraine with its traditions and history blooms before her eyes.”

It was these turns that connected the dialogues in the INLY signature minimalism collection, expressed in the alternation of jackets, trousers, and coats made of thin suiting fabric, with handicrafts in the form of spikelets, referring to common roots. In turn, the variety of high neck tops symbolizes our need for hidden protection. Practical denim, with the possibility of implementing a project that opens up a new challenge for humans. Throughout its history, this functional material has repeatedly shown its ability to survive any crises and difficulties. At the same time, in some cases, an untreated edge appears, causing an association with weakening and excitation. Today it is also important to let them into our lives again.

“On the one hand, I wanted to create a wardrobe uniform that would not distract, but at the same time add emotionality to it, confess my love to our Ukraine,” adds Inna Grytsyk. “This balance was achieved thanks to the combination of formality and relaxation, rigor and warmth of manual labor.”

The key piece of the collection is a long top made of hand-tied spikelets, where the complex texture is further enhanced by the play of shades of milky, white, and cream.