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Fall Capsule Collection

Rescue Escape

INLY, through its collections, continues to tell very melancholic and atmospheric stories that resonate with each of us. And suppose the summer drop was dedicated to the most honest conversations – with herself. This time, the designer of the brand Inna Grytsyk fantasizes about the perfect escape to where you can recover and gain strength, and at the same time, offers the ideal wardrobe for such an escape.

“Nature gives me strength, energizes me, and helps me find balance in this madness around us,” says the designer about the collection idea. – Every weekend, I try to escape the stone jungle and finally breathe the thick autumn air into my chest, dreaming of getting lost even between two pines. I know that such escapes are saving not only for me.”

You can go on such a journey, which fills and organizes even the most chaotic thoughts. INLY underlined chic – midi skirts will be an excellent pair for flowing blouses and cozy cardigans. A woolen cape is a reliable escape from sudden autumn winds, like a long scarf oversized knit. By the way, the scarf Inna Grytsyk suggests combining not only with knitted things but also with a formal trouser deuce. “I imagined a girl who, after a difficult week, leaves the office, gets into the car, turns on her favorite music, and goes to where she feels good,” Inna shares. “She may be dressed quite strictly, but handmade accessories give her the image of warmth and comfort.” Another symbolic detail on the scarf is a fringe imitating the shape of ears of wheat. 

Another unique thing in the collection is responsible for coziness and warmth – a cape of a soft milky shade, which can wear on top of any clothes – from a laconic coat to a jacket or a silk dress.

“Milky shades in the cold season look fantastic to me,” adds the designer. “Whether it’s a coat with contrasting black buttons, a handmade fringed cape, or a pair of wool milk pants with a formal check, everything is the epitome of that understated luxury that looks appropriate and gives INLY’s signature minimalism just the right amount of aristocracy and delicacy.”